7 SPS Corals That Love High Water Flow 1

7 SPS Corals That Love High Water Flow

7 SPS Corals That Love High Water Flow Tweet If you have been in the saltwater hobby for a while, you know that SPS corals are more demanding than others. They are less forgiving when it comes to water parameters, … Read more

Best Low Light Beginner Corals 5

Best Low Light Beginner Corals

  There are few things in this world more beautiful than a well-garnished saltwater aquarium with an array of fish and corals. But not all corals are made equally, and some require more care and maintenance than others. Unlike fish … Read more

Frogspawn Coral Care Guide 9

Frogspawn Coral Care Guide

Frogspawn Coral Care Guide In terms of care necessities, Frogspawn is considered to be a “moderate” breed of coral. Frogspawn makes a great additional to saltwater tanks, and come in a variety of different colors that can add life to … Read more

Mushroom Coral Care Guide 11

Mushroom Coral Care Guide

Image credit: la.Kien Flickr.com Mushroom Coral Care Guide If you are new to the world of Corals, Mushrooms Corals could be the perfect choice for you. Because these Corals are so versatile, they are often considered good beginner Corals. These … Read more