Blue/Green Chromis Care Guide

Blue/Green Chromis overview and appearance The Blue/Green Chromis (Chromis Viridis) is a wonderful saltwater fish to keep in both fish only tanks and reef environments. They are very popular with beginner hobbyists as they are a tough fish that is … Read more

Close-up Photography of Brown and Beige Lion Fish

8 Saltwater Fish Beginners Should Avoid

8 Saltwater Fish NOT For beginners If you are a beginner in the saltwater aquarium hobby, you are most likely dreaming of having a tank set up with some amazing colorful fish and corals. I think we all dream of … Read more

Coral Beauty Angelfish Care Guide 10

Coral Beauty Angelfish Care Guide

Coral Beauty Angelfish Care Guide The name of the Coral Beauty Angelfish is anything but misguiding, and its beauty and color make it a popular choice among saltwater aquarists. But what exactly does it take to keep the Coral Beauty … Read more