9 Best Fluval EVO 13.5 Upgrades (New For 2020)

The Fluval Evo 13.5 aquarium is one of the best nano saltwater kits on the market. There are many different nano tank kits on the market today and the Fluval EVO 13.5 is a popular choice.One of the great features of the EVO is that it is upgradeable with many other types of equipment. This can really increase its capability and overall performance.

Many people who own this aquarium are looking for some upgrades to add to it. It’s a great kit right out of the box, but like many things in this hobby, upgrades are always great.

When you purchase the Fluval EVO 13.5, the following equipment is included:

  • Glass aquarium with cover
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Safe, low voltage transformer
  • Circulation pump with an output nozzle
  • Foam filter block
  • Biomax and carbon inserts

As you can see, upgrading some of this equipment will allow you to have more livestock options and really turn your EVO into a showpiece!

Here are 9 of the best upgrades for the EVO 13.5 aquarium

1. In-Tank Media Basket

The In-Tank media basket allows you to really enhance the filtration capability of the Fluval Evo 13.5. These media baskets are very popular for use in many different tanks including the Coralife Biocube. This fits into the first chamber which is the intake.

The biggest benefit of using In-Tank media basket is the water is forced through the filter media instead of flowing around it. This greatly improves the contact time of water with the media giving greater performance. It includes the water director and plug.

These towers are 4 sided with a 1 removable side for access. They include 3 shelves so you can add different types of media. I recommend adding chemical or biological filter media in either the bottom or middle shelf and filter floss on the top shelf.

The dimensions are:

  • 11-1/4″ Tall
  • 3-9/16″ Wide
  • 2-3/4″ Deep

This will fit perfectly in the Fluval EVO 13.5. Here is a video showing the installation. The video mentions plugging the chamber hole first with putty or another means, but the In-Tank media basket I mentioned here come with the plug included.

You can grab the InTank media basket on Amazon here. 

2. Tunze Osmolator Nano Auto Top Off

With the Fluval EVO tanks, it’s a great idea to incorporate an ATO. Water evaporation is a problem for all saltwater tanks and an auto top off will really help to keep water levels stable. If you decide to use the Fluval EVO tank without the top removed, the water will evaporate even faster.

I have been using the Tunze Osmolator ATO for many years and never had a problem with it. For all nano tanks, it’s a great choice. The Tunze is easy to install, it’s compact and precise. It will keep your water level exactly where you want it automatically.

You can check today’s price of the Tunze Osmolator Nano on Amazon here.

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3. Hydor Koralia Nano Circulation Pump

The return pump that comes with the Fluval EVO 13.5 kit is rated at 132 GPH. That will give you a turnover rate of around 9. Depending on what you are keeping in the tank, this may be suitable. But if you are keeping some more demanding corals like SPS or if you just want additional flow in the tank, you should consider upgrading by using a circulation pump.

I recommend a flow rate of 20X or more. Adding the Hydor Koralia Nano circulation pump will give you that added flow which is beneficial to your tank.

The Koralia Nano is very compact and won’t take up much space in the tank. The design is very durable and these pumps are proven to be reliable and long-lasting. Not to mention how affordable they are. It really is a great upgrade for the Fluval EVO.

They are available to purchase on Amazon here.

You can also increase the flow rate in your tank by upgrading the return pump.

My recommendation is the Eheim CompactOn 1000 which I mention below.

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#4. Flipper Nano

I am a huge fan of the Flipper products and believe it is the best aquarium glass cleaning scraper for your tank. The Flipper comes in many sizes and the Nano is perfect for the Fluval 13.5 aquarium.

The Flipper Nano is a huge time saver and makes cleaning the algae off your glass a breeze. No more putting your hands in the tank to scrape away algae. The Flipper has a durable polishing pad on one side and a scraper blade on the other.

You can use either side by simply “flipping” the algae magnet in the tank. It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to do.

Use the Flipper for all types of algae, even the tough to remove Coraline algae.

This algae scraper is a must-have for your tank! Grab one on Amazon here.

5. Fluval sea mini skimmer

You will hear many people say that a protein skimmer is not necessary to use in a nano tank. I say that they are a huge benefit and all tanks should have one if possible. No matter the tank size.

The Fluval EVO 13.5 is limited in space for a protein skimmer, but the Fluval Sea mini skimmer is a perfect fit.

Like the Biocube 32 Gallon tanks, there are only a couple of skimmers that you can actually use due to the all in one tanks being difficult to fit a skimmer in place. If you have the Fluval EVO aquarium, consider the Fluval Mini skimmer. It works great in these tanks.

You can get one on Amazon here. 

6. Cobalt Neotherm heater

The Cobalt Neotherm heater is the best choice for the Fluval EVO. There are other options but I find the Cobalt to work the best with this tank. The EVO kits do not come with a heater so you need to buy one separately.

The great thing about this heater is it will fit perfectly into the rear chamber and will stay hidden. It is not clunky or cheap looking which you don’t want in a heater. You want your heater to be reliable and durable and the Cobalt Neotherm has both.

For the Fluval EVO 13.5, you should use the 75-watt version as it is rated for tanks up to 20 gallons.

They are a bit more expensive than some other heaters on the market but it is well worth the few extra bucks. You want a solid heater that is going to be accurate and work well. Go with the Cobalt and you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the Cobalt Neotherm heater on Amazon here.

#7. Aqua Illumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED

Lighting is probably the #1 item that people want to upgrade on their tanks. If you are keeping corals in the EVO 13.5, you will need to ensure you have proper lighting.

The Fluval EVO comes with a hood that has integrated LED lighting. Although the included lighting may be suitable for certain low light corals like softies, it is not suitable for most LPS and definitely not SPS corals.

My favorite light upgrade for the Fluval EVO 13.5 is the AI Prime 16 HD. This is an amazing light that is suitable for all coral types and will really make all colors pop in your tank. Fish included.

The AI Prime is a well-known LED, and it is reliable and long-lasting. I really love the look of these lights and it’s compact and modern design will look great on the Fluval EVO. The other great thing about it is the price. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a great light on your tank.

The AI Prime 16 HD is affordable and gives you a great quality LED that you will love!

Check out today’s price on Amazon here.

#8. Temperature controller

I highly recommend that all saltwater tanks have a temperature controller. There are many ways you can control the water temperature of your tank. Heaters are not bulletproof by any means and they can fail like any piece of equipment.

High-end choices like the Apex controller is a great option to monitor and control your heater. But I want to show you a very affordable option that I have been using for many years after my heater disaster caused me a small fortune. You can read about that by clicking the link.

For the Fluval EVO 13.5, I recommend you consider the Inkbird temperature controller. They will maintain your tank water temperature within 1 degree of your pre-set temperature and prevent the temperature from increasing in the event of a heater malfunction.

They are a very affordable and important upgrade to your tank. Although the Cobalt heater that I mentioned above is very reliable, any piece of equipment can fail and a heater controller provides peace of mind that your water temperature will stay consistent and stable.

Grab a temperature controller on Amazon here.

#9. Eheim Compacton 1000 pump

I mentioned earlier that the included return pump with the Fluval EVO 13.5 is rated at 132 GPH. If you are looking to increase the flow rate in the tank, you can upgrade the stock pump with the Eheim Compacton 1000.

One of the difficult things about replacing stock return pumps is finding one that fits the chamber space. The Eheim will fit the EVO 13.5 perfectly. This will increase the flow rate from 132 GPH to 260 GPH.

With this pump, you will be able to control the flow rate as well. There is a dial on the front of the pump that allows you to increase or decrease the flow depending on your needs. The minimum flow rate is 105 GPH and the maximum is 260 GPH.

Eheim is a reliable brand and this pump is a perfect upgrade for the Fluval EVO. The only complaint about this pump is that it’s not perfectly silent. Some people complain about the vibration noise but I have not experienced that. I have used all of the Eheim return pump models and have never had a noise issue with them.

The Eheim Compacton 1000 pump is available on Amazon here.

So there you have 9 great options if you are looking to upgrade the Fluval EVO 13.5 aquarium kits. They are a great set up right out of the box, but are worth upgrading if you plan to keep some more advanced corals or even just have a beast of a nano tank!


David has been keeping saltwater tanks for over 15 years. Learning and writing about all things related to saltwater aquariums is a passion and there is so much to learn and enjoy.

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