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Saltwater Aquarium Resources

There are many resources available to use when learning the saltwater aquarium hobby. This section is dedicated to showing you some of these saltwater aquarium resources, which I have used and found very helpful. If there is something missing that you would like to add please let me know via the contact form or email


Magazines and Books







Saltwater aquarium online forums are a great way to connect with other hobbyists and become a part of the online community.



How-To Guides



Water Parameters





Reef calculator

There are some great online reef calculators. My favorite is the Reef Hacks aquarium calculator.

Some other great ones include:

Fish compatibility

Refer to this chart to see if your fish will be compatible together. I did not make this chart but it’s a great resource, sharing it from



Other sites

There are many online blogs that have some great information about the saltwater hobby. These are a few of my favorites.


Online stores

If you are looking to order saltwater merchandise online, my recommendation is Marine Depot. They have a huge selection, best brands, great pricing, and customer service. Just click the banner below for Marine Depot.

Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies




Of course, Amazon is another great choice and is the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon has.. well everything. There are always great deals for aquarium items as well.