Can Clownfish Eat Bloodworms? (Frozen, Live, Freeze Dried)

It’s understandable that you want to give your clownfish a treat every once in a while.

Bloodworms are one of those items that are considered a treat and everyone likes feeding them to their fish.

With so many options available for clownfish food, it can be difficult to choose foods that are safe and healthy for them to have.

Clownfish need a specific diet in order to stay healthy and live a long life. 

Many fish are able to eat bloodworms without issues. 

You may have heard that giving your clownfish bloodworms is perfectly fine. Others will say that bloodworms are not safe to give clownfish. 


So what’s the truth? Can Clownfish eat bloodworms?

Clownfish can eat bloodworms in small portions every now and then. Only feed bloodworms to clownfish as a treat and never as a staple food. Bloodworms do not contain the proper nutrition that clownfish need. They can provide protein for the fish but lack other essential nutrients that quality flake food and pellets provide. 

Can Clownfish Eat Bloodworms? (Frozen, Live, Freeze Dried) 1

Types of bloodworms for clownfish

There are different types of bloodworms available for feeding fish. Frozen, live, and freeze-dried are commonly used.  

Most bloodworms are fed to freshwater fish although any fish that is either omnivore or carnivore can eat them. 

Live bloodworms are not part of a clownfish’s natural environment so it is not necessary to feed them bloodworms in your aquarium.

Although they will eat them. 

Frozen bloodworms are more common and as a treat, these are fine to feed clownfish and other saltwater fish. 

Freeze-dried bloodworms can be fed as a treat as well and some clownfish will accept them while others may not. 


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Can Clownfish Eat Bloodworms? (Frozen, Live, Freeze Dried) 2

Clownfish and their diet

Clownfish are omnivores. This means they will eat both animal and plant-based foods.

They require a varied diet that is not based on one type of food. It’s important to feed them with good quality foods that meet their dietary needs.

There are many commercial foods available including pellets and flakes. 

I recommend NLS foods for clownfish and other saltwater fish. It is a high-quality food that makes for a perfect everyday staple.

Ingredients include krill, squid, seaweed, fish oils, and much more. It also includes the proper vitamins and minerals that clownfish need. 

There are several frozen foods available for clownfish as well. Brine shrimp and Mysis shrimp are great options for them. Hikari and PE Mysis make high quality frozen foods. 

There are several varieties of frozen foods available at marine Depot here. 

Can Clownfish Eat Bloodworms? (Frozen, Live, Freeze Dried) 3

Other Foods that clownfish can eat

Staple foods

  • Pellets and flakes


  • Brine shrimp
  • Mysis shrimp
  • Krill


easy masstick fish food

Live foods

  • Blackworms
  • Earthworms
  • Copepods
  • Amphipods
  • Shrimp



So now that you know clownfish can eat bloodworms, it’s important to only feed it as a treat and not the main staple food. Bloodworms are not hard to find and are affordable. If only fed once and a while there shouldn’t be any problems.

Clownfish are known to eat a lot and are not picky eaters. Keep in mind that you are not limited to only bloodworms as a treat for them. There are many options to choose from.

Keep your clownfish properly fed with high-quality foods and they will live a long and healthy life in your tank.