5 Best Cheap Reef LED Lighting On Amazon

5 Best cheap reef LED lighting on Amazon


Lighting a reef tank these days can get very expensive. If you are not on a budget and want a high end LED to bring out the colors and growth of your corals, there are many options available for you. There is no shortage of expensive lights on the market.

But for those of us who are not looking to break the bank and still have a great LED light, don’t worry you have plenty of options too.

There are several different LED aquarium lights on Amazon that are suitable for a reef tank. They won’t bring the high-end quality of some of the top brands in the market, but they are considerably cheaper and do a great job in my opinion.

Today I will show you the 5 Best cheap reef LED lighting on Amazon. I have personally used these products and will show you my reviews with the pros and cons of each.


  1. Viparspectra
  3. Kessil A80
  4. Current USA Orbit
  5. Fluval Sea Nano


#1. Viparspectra 165W Full Spectrum

I have listed the Viparspectra LED as my top choice for a few reasons. First is the light quality for the price. It’s tough to beat it.

Also, this light is timer controlled and dimmable. It comes with a remote and is easy to use. The light is 165 watt and has 55 LED’s that are 3 Watt each.

It is suitable for all coral types including LPS and SPS. I have been using this light for over 2 years and have had zero issues with it.

This light is easy to install using the included mounting cables. If you have a canopy on your tank, they will fit underneath and be hidden. If not, you can hang from the ceiling or any other mounting rails or bracket.

This light is also available in a 300-watt model. So if you have a larger tank, this makes a great option.


Features and specs:

  • Programmable for sunrise, sunset and is great for acclimating new corals to the light
  • High-Intensity 3W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs. (55 led’s x 3w)
  • Great for all coral types
  • 90-degree lens angle
  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours
  • Dimensions: 16×8.5×2.4inches
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs
  • Avg. Power Draw: 105W±3%
  • Use the control knob or included remote for all settings

Actual customer reviews from Amazon:


“I’ve had these lights for three weeks and so far they are AWESOME. The corals look beautiful and the color spectrum is great.”

“I purchased three of these for my 240-gallon reef tank and they work incredibly well.”

“Got 2 of the 165W version for my 90-gallon tank and it is perfect.”



  • Great quality for the price
  • Controllable with remote
  • Suitable for all coral types
  • Fans are quiet


  • Can not be daisy-chained
  • Each light requires it’s own remote


You can buy the Viparspectra LED reef light on Amazon here. Note: If the Viparspectra is out of stock, the Wills or Phlizon are similar options.



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#2. MICMOL Smart LED


MICMOL Smart LED is another great light at an affordable cost. This light has many features and is available in different sizes to fit a variety of tank sizes.

It is suitable for all coral types, even SPS corals will grow great. I really like the look of this light, it is slim and modern looking on your tank. The controller is easy to use and has many different settings.

The overall wattage will vary based on the size of the light you choose. For example, the AA-600 model is 48 watts and the AA-900 model is 72 watts. The extendable legs will fit a range of tank trim sizes.

Features and specs:


  • Fits rimmed and rimless tanks
  • Great for all coral types
  • All aluminum modeled body design
  • No fan needed for cooling
  • AA-600 dimensions: 22 x 5 x 0.4 inches
  • AA-600 weight: 2.6 pounds

This light is available in 4 different sizes.


Actual customer reviews from Amazon:


“Awesome awesome awesome light! My coral love it!”

“Affordable and looks great!” “For the price I don’t believe I could have gotten anything as attractive looking or as functional as this light.”



  • Modern looking design
  • LED’s produce great shimmer
  • Smart controller
  • Fanless


  • Auto mode doesn’t completely turn off light when set to 0
  • Screws on adjustment bracket seem weak

Check today’s price of the MICMOL LED on Amazon.

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5 best cheap reef led on amazon

#3. Kessil A80 Tuna Blue LED


If you have a smaller nano reef tank, the Kessil A80 is a great choice. This light is suitable for tanks up to 24″ wide. My recommendation is for use up to a 10 to 15-gallon tank. For tanks larger than that you will need multiple units.

Kessil is a top brand and is well known for its quality and service. All of the Kessil LED lighting units are great and you really can’t go wrong with them. One of the nice things about the A80 is you will get that great water shimmer that Kessil is known for.

My current reef tank is run by the Kessil A160’s and I have no complaints at all about them.


Features and specs include:

  • Best suited for small nano tanks with low light demand corals
  • Modern looking design
  • Light coverage 14″- 24″
  • Compatible with the Kessil Spectral Controller
  • Color and intensity knobs are easy to adjust
  • Full-spectrum lighting
  • No fan – quiet operation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Dimensions: 0.98″ x 4.88″
  • Weight: 0.88 pounds
  • Power use: 15 watts

Actual customer reviews from Amazon:


“What an incredible shimmering effect and the controller is a most! Set it and forget it. Watch your corals bloom like crazy!”

“Awesome light with lots of functionality. It gives our small tank tons of shimmer; a lot more than I expected from a small LED. Great looking and very well designed and best of all fanless.”



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Modern looking design
  • Great quality and long-lasting
  • Fanless design


  • Low demand corals only

Check today’s price of the Kessil A80 Tuna Blue on Amazon.

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#4. Current USA Orbit Marine


If you are looking for an LED light that has a lot of bells and whistles but stick to a smaller budget, I recommend you try the Current USA Orbit Marine.

This is a very slick looking light that has many different program modes and settings. The LED’s provide excellent colors and shimmer effect.

Also if you currently use the Loop system, you can connect this light and control your wavemaker and light. This light comes in a variety of sizes and the legs are extendable to fit different tank sizes.

It will fit on tanks with a plastic trim or rimless.

Features and specs include:

  • Very thin and modern looking design
  • Great coral color and shimmer effect
  • Wireless loop control
  • Full-spectrum – Best for soft and LPS corals. Possible SPS depending on coral and tank position
  • Various modes include sunrise, sunset, cloud cover and storm modes
  • Built-in programs provide a realistic environment
  • 120-degree wide-angle dispersion lenses
  • Wireless remote included
  • 4 available sizes
  • 36-48″ model dimensions: 34.8″ x 3.5″ x 0.44″
  • 36 watts total
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Actual customer reviews from Amazon:


“Excellent! I have a 125 gallon saltwater and these are great!”

“Amazing light for the price, I have had almost every type of coral thrive. Maybe not bright enough for stoney but now i have switched to a 12 hour lighting time and everything is doing really well.”

“These lights have made my corals grow exceptionally well! The other features like thunder storm and what not is cool to show off.”



  • Many modes and settings
  • Modern looking design
  • Connects to the Loop system
  • Great color and shimmer effects


  • The controller can be complicated to use
  • Power cord is short


Check today’s price of the Current USA Orbit Marine LED on Amazon.

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#5. Fluval Sea Nano

The Fluval Sea Nano LED is great for desktop and small nano tanks. This light is programmable, Bluetooth enabled light that is 20 watts. Operates only via the FluvalSmart App on your mobile device.

If you have a desktop tank, this is a great little light that is suitable for low light corals. I wouldn’t expect the quality to be similar as the Kessil, but for the low cost, it does a great job of showing the corals colors and you will get decent growth.

Features and specs include:

  • 24-hour light cycle settings
  • Programmable
  • Fully adjustable positioning on the tank
  • Aluminum shell provides effective heat transfer
  • Improved protection from water – IP67 waterproof rating
  • 7 unique band waves for full spectrum results
  • New H.T.E (High Thermal Efficiency) LEDs function at a higher operating temperature
  • 100 LED’s- 20 total watts
  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.1 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds

Actual customer reviews from Amazon:


“Excellent nano tank. This looks great on my 7.4 nano tank. The Bluetooth function is very good, light can be adjusted so it’s just right for your tank.”

“I LOVE THESE LIGHTS! Way more affordable than other “High-End” fixtures for my nanos”



  • Great for desktop tanks
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Industry-leading waterproof rating
  • 24-hour light cycles



  • Bluetooth App can be unreliable
  • Doesn’t fit wider tank trims


Check Today’s price of the Fluval Sea Nano LED on Amazon.

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David has been keeping saltwater tanks for over 15 years. Learning and writing about all things related to saltwater aquariums is a passion and there is so much to learn and enjoy.

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