9 Best Corals For Biocube 32 Aquarium

This article will show you some of the best corals you can keep in the Coralife Biocube 32 gallon tank. 

If you are one of the many biocube 32 tank owners, you know that you are somewhat limited to the types of corals you can keep. Mainly for 2 reasons. The size of the tank and the stock lighting that it comes with. 

But that’s not to say that the biocube tank can’t support corals with the stock lighting. It certainly can with some limitations.

Imagine the different types of corals you can keep in the biocube with a light upgrade. 

I’m a huge fan of the biocube 32-gallon tank. It’s a great set up the way it is right out of the box without upgrades. I mentioned 15 awesome upgrades that you can add to the biocube to really beef it up in another article. You can read that by clicking the link.

The lighting that you use on this tank will really play a factor in what types of corals you can keep. Let’s look at the best coral choices for the biocube 32 saltwater aquarium with the stock canopy lighting.

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What type of corals can I keep with the biocube 32 stock LED lighting?

This is a common question that is asked quite often. Many people are concerned that you can’t keep corals in the biocube tanks. 

The included LED light canopy is suitable for soft corals and some low light LPS corals. The PAR rating is measured at 52 @ 12” depth. If you want to keep corals that have a higher lighting demand, you will need to swap out the canopy for another light. I have kept many types of corals in the biocube and here are my best picks.

Soft/LPS corals with included LED lighting

  • Mushrooms
  • Pulsing Xenia
  • Blue Clove polyps
  • Green star polyps
  • Toadstool
  • Kenya tree
  • Zoanthids
  • Acans
  • Duncan

#1. Mushrooms

Underwater shot of mushroom coral (Fungiidae) colony on the reef in the aquarium tank. Colourful corals growing on the ocean bottom.
Underwater shot of mushroom coral (Fungiidae) colony on the reef in the aquarium tank. Colourful corals growing on the ocean bottom.

Mushrooms are a great choice if you are looking for a coral that doesn’t need high-intensity lighting. They will grow fine under the biocube LED lights. There are a variety of mushrooms available that are well suited for this tank and are a great option. 

#2. Pulsing Xenia

Close up of Soft Coral Pumping Xenia
Close up of Soft Coral Pumping Xenia(Xenia sp.) also called Pom Pom Xenia

Pulsing xenia or Pom pom corals are another great option as they will do great under low lighting conditions. They are easy to care for and will grow fast. Xenia corals are known to spread throughout the tank and smaller frags can become colonies fairly quick. If you have limited space in the tank, they are easy to frag and move to another tank. 

#3. Blue clove polyps

The Blue cloves are one of those corals that you either love or hate. Personally, I’m a huge fan of them. They have no problem growing under low light and can easily grow to all parts of the tank. In the biocube 32 they would look great along the back wall or sandbed. They are a beginner coral and don’t need specific water conditions to be maintained.

#4. Green star polyps

Green star polyps are a very popular coral that is great for beginners. They are a fast grower and will grow on rocks, sandbed or back wall of the tank. They will grow fine under the biocube stock lighting and look amazing under the actinic lights. 

#5. Toadstool

Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral (Sarcophyton sp.)

The toadstool is a soft leather coral that also doesn’t need high lighting. They will do just fine under low lighting conditions. They are available in a variety of colors and types. They are very hardy and will do well in less than ideal water conditions. A great thing about leather corals is they are easy to frag. Toadstools can grow large and take up real estate in the tank, so fragging them is an option if needed.

#6. Kenya tree

This is the one coral on the list that is not overly popular. Many people don’t like the Kenya tree but I am a fan of them. They are a perfect choice for a beginner and the biocube lighting is suitable for them. They grow very fast and small frags can get large quickly. They will also split and divide into multiple corals on their own. Easy to keep and they will provide plenty of movement in the tank.

#7. Zoanthids


Who doesn’t love zoanthids? Zoas can be easily kept in the biocube under the stock lighting. There are so many types available and the colors are endless. Zoas are one of those corals that you can put together and make a stunning zoa garden. They are easy to frag and put together with others to make new colonies. 

#8. Acans 

The Acan is an LPS coral that will do well under low to medium lighting conditions. Acans are a hardy coral that can live in less than ideal or pristine water conditions. They are considered to be a beginner coral although many advanced tanks will have Acans. Acans are known to grow quickly so provide them with plenty of space. 

#9. Duncan coral

The Duncan is another LPS coral that will do well under low to moderate lighting. These are very colorful corals that grow quickly. They are a peaceful coral and generally won’t bother others in the tank. A single frag of Duncan coral can grow into multiple heads so they will need space to grow. Their polyps will extend in the water flow so make sure they receive enough water movement. Low to moderate flow is sufficient. 


As you can see, there are a variety of corals that will do well in the Coralife biocube 32 tank. Many of these corals are not expensive and are considered great for beginners. One thing to keep in mind is that this tank is upgradeable so if you wanted to keep more demanding corals you can switch the canopy LEDs for a higher-end light like the Kessil A160. I upgraded my biocube 32 with this light and love it.

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