11 Best Gifts For Saltwater Fish Tank Lovers In 2020

I know how difficult it can be when searching for a gift for a saltwater aquarium hobbyist who seems to have everything. 

Anyone who has been in the hobby long enough probably has some great pieces of equipment already and not knowing what to buy them can be frustrating.

This article will relieve the stress of searching for that perfect gift. I will show you some great options at a variety of prices that everyone in the saltwater aquarium hobby will love to receive. You can’t go wrong with any of these gift options.


#1. Flipper algae cleaning magnet

The Flipper is a great tool for keeping your aquarium glass clean from many different types of algae. The Flipper is built to work on both glass and acrylic tanks without scratching. Its unique design allows you to “flip” the magnet to work either on the foam pad side or the scraper blade side.

The great thing is you won’t need to even get your hands wet. It works perfectly by moving the dry side of the magnet and will flip while your hands stay dry. The Flipper algae cleaning magnet is one of the best tools on the market to help keep your aquarium clean. It is available on Amazon here.

Also, check out my full review of the Flipper here. 


#2. Viparspectra LED

If you are looking for a great light for all coral types without breaking the bank, check out the Viparspectra LED. I wrote a full review of the light here and listed it as the best cheap reef LED light on Amazon. This light is not the high quality of other big brand name lights, but it does a great job keeping corals healthy and showing their colors.

Another great thing about this light is that it’s programmable and dimmable with a remote. For the price, the Viparspectra LED provides great value. It gets many 5 star reviews on Amazon and many reef tank owners use this light. I have been using them for a few years and have no complaints. Check today’s price on Amazon here. 


#3. Hanna test kit

Being able to test your water levels is important for maintaining a healthy saltwater tank. Not all test kits are the same and some will give more accurate readings than others. The Hanna test kits are designed to provide the most accurate testing. One of the most important water parameters to check is calcium.

Using the Hanna calcium checker will give you a very precise reading so you can make proper adjustments without mistakes. Some of the cheaper test kits on the market can give inaccurate calcium readings which cause you to make wrong adjustments. All saltwater fish keepers will appreciate having the Hanna calcium tester which is available at Marine Depot here.


hanna calcium tester

#4. Flipper Aquarium viewer

Another great product from Flipper. This aquarium viewer is perfect for showing off your tank and everything inside. The magnifying viewer is attached to the glass by a strong magnet that can be moved around the tank to show a crystal clear look at fish and corals. It’s also great for identifying pests and other inhabitants you might not know are there.

You can use this viewer on glass or acrylic tanks without scratching. It’s also great for aquarium photography if you like to take photos of your tank. The Flipper viewer makes a great gift and is available on Amazon here. 


#5. Heater controller

One of the best investments you can make for a saltwater tank is for a controller to provide protection from heater malfunctions. Something as simple as a heater failure can cause a huge amount of problems and death to corals and fish.

A heater that sticks in the on position can completely wipe out a saltwater tank causing thousands of dollars in losses. Believe me, this is not something you want to have happen. I experienced this first hand. A very inexpensive heater controller can prevent this. Every saltwater tank owner should have one.

This is the one I use now and highly recommend them. They are available on Amazon here. 


Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies

#6. Refugium LED

Anyone keeping a refugium on their reef tank will know how beneficial they are. A common item to keep inside a refugium is macroalgae like chaetomorpha. This used to lower nutrients and improve water quality. In order for this macroalgae to grow it requires a refugium light.

A suitable light for plant growth with the proper spectrum is needed in order for the macroalgae to be effective. A refugium light doesn’t need to be expensive and they make a great gift. I recommend the Luxbird par 38 light as a budget option or the Kessil H80 if you are looking for a better quality light while still being affordable.

You can read my full review of the Luxbird par 38 LED here. Available on Amazon here.

You can read my full review of the Kessil H80 LED here. Available at Marine Depot here.


#7. Frag rack

For anyone keeping a reef tank with corals that need fragging, a frag rack comes in very handy. Frag racks are used to hold smaller propagated corals which will be separated and grow. Frag racks come in many different sizes and prices. I recommend the AquaMaxx 23 hole frag rack.

It is designed with high-quality acrylic and strong magnets which will work on tanks with glass thickness up to ½”. They are a great gift for someone who is into keeping corals, they are always needed and appreciated.

The AquaMaxx frag rack is available on Marine Depot here. 

#8. Auto Top Off

The one maintenance item that everyone with a saltwater tank has to perform is topping up evaporated water. This is something that can be done manually or with an automatic top-off system. The problem with doing this manually is it’s difficult to be precise and consistent.

It’s something that has to be done every day to maintain the proper salinity level in your tank. It can be forgotten and problematic if you are away from the tank for a few days and can’t manually add water to the tank. The auto top off system will do this for you. It’s a set it and forget it item that makes adding evaporated water to the tank convenient and easy.

They are great for maintaining a consistent salinity level in the tank which will result in a healthier tank. I recommend the Tunze 3155 Osmolator auto top off system. It is one of the most popular used systems in the hobby and they are not expensive. If you are looking for that special gift for someone with a saltwater tank, this would be a great choice.

The Tunze Osmolator is available on Amazon here.  


#9. Hydor Koralia wavemaker

Water movement in a saltwater tank is crucial for the overall health of the tank. Providing currents to mimic the ocean is easy to do with a wavemaker or powerhead. The Hydor Koralia wavemaker has been a staple in the hobby for many years. These can be used as the primary wavemaker in the tank or if you are looking for additional flow to add to it.

They can also be used for mixing salt with water being used for water changes. The Koralia comes in different sizes and flow rates. They are not controllable like some of the more expensive models, but if you are looking for an affordable gift that all saltwater tank owners will use this is it. The Hydor Koralia is available on Amazon here.


#10. Media reactor

A media reactor is a great addition to any saltwater tank. It is used as a type of filter which holds various types of media based on what your tank needs. There are many advantages to using a media reactor and they are easy to set up on any tank. If you are not sure what to buy someone with a saltwater tank who seems to have everything, go with a media reactor.

They are very popular and beneficial for all tanks. The Reef Octopus reactor is very well built and includes the pump. They are one of the most popular media reactors that are used in the hobby. You can get the Reef Octopus reactor on Amazon here.


#11. Control board

Keeping a saltwater aquarium requires you to be organized. With all the equipment involved, it’s easy to have a mess of cables and controllers on the floor in a tangled mess. This is where a control board comes in. If you are looking to keep your equipment looking neat and tidy and fully organized, you need a controller board.

If you know somebody who has an aquarium that is in need of equipment organization, a control board makes a perfect gift. These also provide peace of mind knowing that your cables are not a safety or fire hazard. Read my full control board review here.

These control boards are available to purchase at Marine Depot. 

aquarium controller boards


There are plenty of options when it comes down to finding that perfect gift for someone who has a saltwater tank. Some things are needed and appreciated more than others. Any item on this list is a great choice and will make for a perfect gift.