9 Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Upgrades

One of the most popular all in one aquariums in the hobby today is the Innovative marine Nuvo 20. This aquarium features low iron glass that is crystal clear so your fish and corals colors will look great. Combined with its dual overflow, filter area, and return pump, this tank is considered to be one of the best all in one systems on the market.

The best feature of the IM Nuvo 20 is that it is fully upgradeable. This is a great system just the way it is, but many people will want to add some additional equipment or upgrade the existing pieces to make it even better.


Here are 9 Upgrades that you can incorporate into the IM Nuvo 20.


  • Nuvo Skim DC protein skimmer
  • Sicce Silent 1.5 pump
  • Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO
  • Eshopps Reservoir tank
  • Sicce Voyager Nano 1000
  • Kessil A80 LED 
  • Eheim 100w heater
  • In-tank media basket
  • MiniMax pro media reactor

If you are looking to purchase the Nuvo Fusion 20, check out today’s price on Marine Depot here. 

1. Nuvo Skim DC Protein Skimmer 


This awesome skimmer is the newest model made for the IM Nuvo. The Nuvo Skim DC is the first DC protein skimmer made for nano tanks.

This skimmer will fit perfectly into the rear filter chamber. It is quiet and runs very smooth. There are some great upgrades made to this skimmer including:


  • DC powered needle wheel pump
  • Dual silencers
  • The enlarged air silencer box
  • and much more

The Nuvo Skim DC is rated for tanks up to 25 gallons. It is designed to fit many of the IM Nuvo tanks including the Fusion Nano 10, Fusion Lagoon 25, Peninsula 14 and Peninsula 20.

This is a powerful little protein skimmer with the dimensions of 3.58″ x 2.28″ x 9.84″ and adding it to your IM Nuvo Fusion 20 will really beef up your filtration and be very beneficial.

The Nuvo Skim DC protein skimmer is available at Marine Depot. 



2. Sicce Silent 1.5 return pump


The stock return pump that comes with the kit is rated at 211 GPH. Which is fine and you have the option of adding a powerhead to increase the flow rate in your tank.

But if you are looking to increase the flow rate from the return pump, you have a few options. I recommend you check out the Sicce Silent 1.5.

This will increase the flow rate to 357 GPH and there is a dial to adjust the flow rate if you find it’s too much.

There are many great things about this pump, it is silent and Sicce builds a solid pump. It is also strong enough so if you decide to keep SPS corals, you will have plenty of flow versus the stock return pump.

The Sicce Silent 1.5 is available at Marine Depot. 





3. Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO


I am a huge fan of the Tunze auto top off systems and I always recommend them. I use this model on my Biocube 32 gallon, and they will work great for any tank size up to 55 gallons. They will actually work on larger tanks too but that is the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

The Osmolator nano is perfect for the IM Nuvo Fusion 20. It’s easy to set up and use, they don’t take up much space and are affordable. 

You will most likely be running your Fusion 20 with an open top. Unless you add on a top or canopy as they don’t come with one. So water will evaporate from the tank quicker than a tank that has a cover. So an ATO will help keep your water topped up keeping your levels in check. 

The Tunze Osmolator Nano ATO is available at Marine Depot.



Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies

4. Eshopps water reservoir


Of course, if you plan on having an auto top off system, you need to have a container to keep the fresh water in.

The Eshopps water reservoir holds 2.5 gallons of water and comes with a shut-off valve. The dimensions are 10″x5″x12″ so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You can use this on the IM Nuvo Fusion 20 as it is rated for tanks up to 40 gallons.

The Eshopps water reservoir is available at Marine Depot.


5. Sicce Voyager Nano 1000 


If you want to increase the water flow in your tank without having too much, check out the Sicce Voyager Nano 1000.

This is a compact pump rated at 270 GPH. So this will give you about a 13X turnover rate. Combined with your return pump, this will give you plenty of water movement in the tank.

The dimensions of this pump are only 2.4″L x 1.7″W x 2″H so it won’t use up much space.

With all nano tanks, it’s important to minimize the amount of equipment as space is limited.

These pumps are very popular and have a great performance record. They are priced great and are perfect for the IM Nuvo Fusion 20.

The Sicce Voyager nano 1000 is available at Marine Depot.


6. Kessil A80 LED Lighting


Keeping budget in mind, the Kessil A80 LED is a great choice for the Nuvo 20. If you plan on keeping a fish only tank, then 1 of these lights will be sufficient. But if you are going to have corals in the tank, then you will most likely need 2 of them.

The great thing about these lights, is you still get the Kessil quality without breaking the bank. These lights are only rated at 15 watts, but you will still get a nice quality light and the shimmer that Kessil is famous for. 

If you decide to go with the Kessil A80, you will need to buy the mounting bracket as well. The Kessil gooseneck is what I use and recommend. 

The Kessil A80 is available on Marine Depot. 


IM Nuvo Fusion 20 Upgrades - Kessil A80 LED


7. Eheim Jager TruTemp 75 watt heater

The Eheim 75 watt heater is a great choice for the Nuvo 20 gallon tank. I am a huge fan of the Eheim heaters and have been using them for many years without issues.

They are a quality built heater that is reliable and accurate.

The 75-watt heater is rated for tanks up to 26 gallons, and will fit perfectly into the rear chamber of the IM Nuvo Fusion 20.

A few other things I like about this heater is the price, the Thermo safety control, and the shatterproof glass. 

The Eheim 75 watt heater is available on Amazon here.


8. In-Tank Media basket


The In-Tank media baskets are very popular and this one is specifically designed to fit the IM Nuvo aquariums. They are also designed to improve the filtration ability of your Nuvo 20. 

These media baskets are made out of high-quality laser cut acrylic and has a 3 shelf design. The basket will force all the water through the media instead of flowing around it.

This will improve the filtration ability of the media being used. Not only that, but this will help keep the rear chamber more clean.

They are easy to use and maintain. The removable door allows for easy access to the shelves which slide out so you can remove and replace the media. Cleaning is also a breeze. 

The In-Tank media basket is available at Marine Depot.





9. IM Minimax Pro media reactor


The Minimax Pro media reactor is designed to be hidden in the rear chamber of your IM Nuvo 20 tank. No more large pieces of equipment hanging off your tank.

This media reactor can be used with various types of filter media and is the right size for the Nuvo 20. The great thing about this reactor is you no longer need flex tubing, ball valves, PVC, or any other unnecessary clutter.

This reactor is ready to use right out of the box. It’s simple to set up and maintain. It’s also very quiet and energy-efficient.

It will hold up to 150 ml of media which is suitable for this sized tank.

If you are thinking about getting a media reactor for the IM Nuvo 20 aquarium, I recommend the Minimax Pro.

The IM Minimax Pro media reactor is available at Marine Depot. 





So as you can see there are some great options for you if you want to upgrade your IM Nuvo aquarium. These are a few of the upgrades that I recommend and of course, there are many other options depending on your budget and what type of set up you plan to have. Any of the items mentioned here will beef up the already awesome Innovative Marine tank so you can enjoy the tank even more.



David has been keeping saltwater tanks for over 15 years. Learning and writing about all things related to saltwater aquariums is a passion and there is so much to learn and enjoy.

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