Best Protein Skimmers For Biocube 32 (These Will Work)

Looking to add a protein skimmer to your Biocube 32?

Although many people will say that a protein skimmer is not required for the Biocube tanks, that doesn’t mean you can’t use one.

Protein skimmers are effective for all tanks regardless of the size. 

As mentioned in previous articles, the Biocube 32 is one of the best all in one tank’s on the market and there are many upgrades available to make it even better.

Not all protein skimmers will work on this tank. Only a few are suitable. 

Let’s look at some of the best skimmers that can be used with the Biocube 32 gallon tank.

The information given is based on the new Biocube 32 all in one tank with the upgraded hood and LED lighting. 

Coralife Biocube skimmer

This is the only protein skimmer that is designed to fit in the first chamber of the rear section of the tank. The hood will fully close with the skimmer installed and it is designed to fit specifically with this tank. 

There is a new version available and the skimmer has been redesigned to be even better. Both the previous and newer model will fit into chamber one and are properly sized.

Once installed, the skimmer will remain in place and is sturdy. It includes a hanging clip that keeps it secure.

You might read some negative reviews about this skimmer, but if you set it up properly, you shouldn’t have any issues. They work well. 

Like all skimmers, they will take some time to break in and work properly. Don’t expect them to be a powerful skimmer, they are not designed for that. One thing you can do to make them more effective is to replace the provided pump with a more powerful one. A basic 10-gallon air pump will work.

It’s very easy to set up, easy to clean and is affordable. This skimmer is quiet and you won’t hear it running unless you use a louder pump.

If you have the Biocube 32 gallon tank, grab the Coralife protein skimmer at Marine Depot. 

Aquatic life 115 protein skimmer

Another protein skimmer that works well in the Biocube 32 is the Aquatic Life 115. Even Though this skimmer is rated for tanks up to 30 gallons, it works really well in the Biocube which is 32 gallons. It will fit into the rear chamber but the hood will not fully close without some modifications.

I used my Biocube 32 with both the hood on and off at times. I now have the hood removed as I upgraded the lighting to a Kessil A160 LED. But even with the hood in place, you can use this skimmer on the side or back wall of the tank.

You can adjust the skimmer height to allow for the lid to close.  This skimmer is very small and light. It doesn’t take up much space in the tank. Of course, you may decide to use it in the rear filer chamber and the only thing you will see is the skimmer cup.

The skimmer itself is reliable and works well. It will take some time to break in but before you know it, you will see skimmate foaming in the cup. The Aquatic Life 115 is a great little skimmer that is suitable for the Biocube 32 gallon tank. 

You can get one at Marine Depot here.

Tunze 9001 protein skimmer

Next is the Tunze 9001 protein skimmer. This is the most powerful skimmer that will fit in the rear chamber of the biocube. It will not fit in the first chamber of the tank but it will fit perfectly into the refugium section.

Many people use this skimmer combined with the InTank media basket as an upgrade to the tank. It is rated for up to 42 gallons which is more than enough for the biocube 32. Tunze is known for its equipment reliability and this skimmer is built to last.

This is a quiet skimmer and it will pull nutrients from your water. It will outperform the other skimmers mentioned but it will cost more. The biggest issue with this skimmer is you won’t be able to use it with the hood closed on the tank.

The installed canopy will either have to be removed or modified in order for the Tunze 9001 to work. 

Get the Tunze 9001 protein skimmer at Marine Depot.

Other upgrades available for Biocube 32 gallon tanks

Some people may think that the biocube tanks are not upgradeable. That is not true. There are many awesome upgrades available for these tanks. I recently wrote an article showing 15 of the best upgrades available for the Biocube 32. Including:

  • Lighting
  • Skimmers
  • Wavemakers
  • Return pumps
  • Heaters
  • Auto top off
  • Media baskets
  • And much more…

Best corals for the Biocube 32

I consider the Biocube 32 to be a nano style tank. It’s important that you keep your bioload to a minimum, especially with a newer setup. Certain coral types are not suitable for this tank not only due to size but lighting as well.

If you plan to use the stock LED lighting on the tank, you will be limited to the types of corals you can keep. You will need to stick to low light corals including soft and LPS corals.

Mushrooms, zoanthids, toadstools, are great choices. SPS corals will not do well under the stock lighting without an upgrade.

Check out this article where I show 9 of the best corals to keep in the Biocube 32. 


So if you are looking to add a protein skimmer to your Biocube 32, you have some options. First, decide if you are going to be using the included canopy on the tank. If you are, then your best choice will be the Coralife protein skimmer as it is designed to fit in the rear chamber with the hood closed.

If you are going to upgrade the lights and remove the hood, then you can use any of the skimmers mentioned. Either of these will work great on your tank.