Can A Flame Angel And Coral Beauty Live Together?

This is a very common question and many saltwater hobbyists would love to keep a Flame Angel and Coral Beauty together in the same tank. 

Both of these saltwater fish are stunning and great fish to keep in most saltwater tanks.

They are similar in many ways. Size, diet, tank size, personality, and many other things make them very similar. 

But can the Flame Angel and Coral Beauty fish live together? 

Yes, they can. But only under certain conditions. 

Keeping Dwarf Angelfish together in the same tank is generally not a good idea. They most likely won’t get along with each other and will fight to the death.

This is very common and will bully each other until one prevails. They simply don’t tolerate each other and as a general rule they should be kept separate from each other. 

In my experience, there are only 2 situations where you can keep a Flame Angel and Coral Beauty together living in the same tank. 

  1. In a very large tank with plenty of rock and hiding places (125-gallon tank +)
  2. If you add them to the tank at the same time

Other than that, it will be rare that they will get along. Although I have seen them together in smaller tanks (75-90 gallons), they most likely were added at the same time when young and have learned to live together without aggression or establishing territory. 

Flame Angel fish

Flame Angel tank mates

If you plan on keeping a Flame Angelfish without other dwarf angels, there are plenty of suitable tankmates to consider. 

Yellow Tang, Melanurus Wrasse, Clownfish, Blue/Green Chromis, are all fish that can live with a Flame Angelfish. 

Coral Beauty tank mates

The Coral Beauty is a peaceful fish and will get along with most tank mates. Clownfish, Fairy Wrasse, Anthias, Tangs, are all great choices. 

Flame angel and Coral beauty tank size

Both the Flame Angelfish and Coral Beauty will only grow to around 4” in size.

They can live in a 55-70 gallon tank by themselves provided there is plenty of swimming space and live rock to hide in.

If you are going to try to keep them in the same tank together, then a 125-gallon tank is the minimum size. 

Coral Beauty Angelfish

Are Flame Angels and Coral Beauty reef safe?

Yes, both are considered to be reef safe and shouldn’t bother your corals. The only exception would be with the Flame Angel as they tend to pick at coral polyps.

Most times they will just pick at the rock around the coral and leave the coral alone. Just keep them well-fed and on a proper diet and they generally won’t bother corals.


So if you are planning to keep a Flame Angelfish and a Coral Beauty in the same tank together, you will need to ensure that the tank is large enough and they are introduced at the same time.

This will give you the best chance of success. If those 2 conditions are not met, the odds of them getting along are very slim.

It’s always a risk to take and it depends on the individual fish.

Sometimes it will work and other times it won’t.