8 Best Saltwater Fish For Beginners

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8 Best Saltwater Fish For Beginners


Maintaining a healthy saltwater tank can be a bit of a task. There is a lot of work and care that goes into it all and sometimes, it’s not always easy. For beginners, it can be particularly tricky if you’re unsure of what you’re doing. There are a lot of parameters to keep in mind, a lot of love and care that needs to go into it, and you also need to be educated about healthy tank life and how to upkeep it.

But don’t worry if you’re new at it. There is a lot of really helpful info that you can learn at your local aquarium shop and even find by reading online blogs like ours!

So since you’re here, why not take a moment to learn about the best saltwater fish for beginners. These little beauties are sure to make your tank pop with beauty and they’re also easy to take care of.

  1. Ocellaris Clownfish
  2. Flame Angelfish
  3. Lawnmower Blenny
  4. Coral Beauty
  5. Auriga Butterfly
  6. Yellowtail Damsel
  7. Firefish Goby
  8. Wrasse

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best saltwater fish for beginners

#1. Ocellaris Clownfish

The first saltwater fish on our list is the Ocellaris Clownfish. These are a popular choice amongst saltwater fish enthusiasts. Not only do they have vibrant colors and a fun, unique pattern, but they are super easy to maintain too.

The clownfish establishes its territory and will seldom leave that spot. If it makes it’s home on one side of your saltwater tank, you will rarely even see it wandering on the other side of that tank. If a young pair is purchased at the same time and placed in the tank together, they will become a mated pair without much of a fuss.

They are comfortable being hand-fed and acclimate to a tank environment very well.


saltwater fish for beginners


#2. Flame Angelfish

The second fish on our list is the Flame Angelfish. Also known as the Japanese pygmy Angelfish, have an almost electric orange color to them, with neon flecks of blue, making it one of the more visually stunning fish specimens. They can thrive single or with mated pairs.

They are typically non-aggressive unless threatened. They can occasionally nip at corals, zoanthids, and other invertebrates, but is otherwise a non-aggressive fish. It is sturdy and also adapts well to a tank environment.


saltwater fish for beginners



#3. Lawnmower Blenny

The Lawnmower Blenny, or the Jeweled Rockskipper, is another beauty to keep in your saltwater tank. Great for nano tanks as well. This fish has beautiful flecks of greens, browns, and even some reds. Apart from being highly eye-catching, these fish also feed on algae, which can be wonderful for the health of your saltwater tank.

When algae get too intense, the levels of nitrate in your tank can rise. This can make your livestock ill and even ruin the life of your whole tank. But this little lovely fish can help to maintain those levels.

These fish are also non-aggressive and will typically mind its own business in a tank of other fish.



saltwater fish for beginners


#4. Coral Beauty Angelfish

The Coral Beauty Angelfish is another type of saltwater fish that is sure to be candy to the eyes. This fish is a brilliant blue and yellow color that stands out against just about anything else that you might have in your tank. It is an almost magical shade of contrasting brilliance.

The Coral Beauty Angels are very sturdy, acclimate to tank life easily, and are typically non-aggressive. If they are placed in a tank that is too small though, they can become aggressive. They like to have their own space, so making sure that you have the right sized tank is important.

One of the best things about this particular fish is that it is also low in price. It’s a win-win for saltwater tank beginners. Easy fish, low price; you can’t beat that.



best saltwater fish for beginners


#5. Auriga Butterflyfish

The next saltwater fish on our list is the Auriga Butterflyfish. This lovely little fish is a soft white color but also has some yellow to it and even some stripes. It is a softer colored fish, but still has plenty of beauty to it.

This fish is known to be very quiet and very non-aggressive. It does like to hide though and will often burrow in-between corals or behind plant life. So, you may or may not see it very often, due to its private nature. About the only hurdle that these fish may present, is that they don’t often take to hand-feeding right away. You’ll have to ease them into normal feeding routines.

A lot of fish enthusiasts claim that feeding the Auriga Butterflyfish some little bits of frozen Mysis shrimp will tempt this particular Butterflyfish to eat. After that, once it sees the other fish eating the hand-fed stuff, it will eventually realize that it is eatable and alright to eat.

So, you’ll have to be a little patient with this one, but it is well worth the little bit of extra work.


best saltwater fish for beginners


#6. Yellowtail Damselfish

The Yellowtail Damselfish is another wonderful specimen that beginners should have in their tanks. These fish are one of the hardiest and withstand just about anything.

They’re tough little fish, so even if you still aren’t 100% comfortable with tank maintenance, these little guys can more than likely toughen it out. These fish have very bold and beautiful colors, so they are pleasing to the eyes.

Unlike other kinds of Damselfish, they won’t bite at or attack the invertebrates in your tank. They are non-aggressive and take to hand-feeding very well. In fact, the Yellowtail Damselfish fish are probably the easiest fish for beginners, out of them all.


8 saltwater fish for beginners


#7. Firefish Goby

The Firefish Goby is another saltwater fish that will capture the eyes, as its beauty is intense and dramatic. This fish has orange-reddish shades amongst its silvery base. Its eyes, however, can have an almost bright purple hue to it, giving the whole fish a unique and beautiful appearance. These fish are very docile and gentle.

They thrive best in tanks that don’t have any other aggressive fish in it. These fish are quite timid and will hide for the most part. So, it may be a rare treat to witness this timid little fish, but it’s beauty more than makes up for its usual absence.

If anything, it is even more of a rare treat to see it, since it hides so much. The only thing you should watch out for when it comes to this fish is that it tends to leap out of its tank when it’s startled. Try to keep that in mind when it comes to feeding time, or whenever you need to lift the lid off of the tank.


Purple Firefish


#8. Wrasse

The last fish on our list is the Wrasse. These fish can come in a slew of rainbow colors and they visually pop like you wouldn’t believe. These fish tend to be very shy, at first, and it may take a bit to warm-up to being hand-fed.

It will often burrow under the substrate or the gravel that you keep in your saltwater tank. These fish feel comfortable hiding. They enjoy meaty foods, such as; tiny shrimp, finely chopped seafood, or enriched frozen foods. Unlike a lot of other fish, these little guys need to be fed twice a day.

These beautiful fish are non-aggressive and even though it takes a little bit for them to adapt, once they do, they acclimate well.


8 saltwater fish for beginners


So, there you have it, easy to maintain fish that certainly don’t skimp out on beauty. We hope you found this 8 best saltwater fish for beginners article helpful and insightful. Best of luck with your saltwater tank.

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